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Saulot, Dec 14, 11 8:53 AM.
Its Not A Trap is up and running by popular vote. If you want to get a toon into it, or know someone that does feel free to shoot me a tell, pm, etc and we'll get together to make that happen.

Welcome to Its a trap, whether stranger or ally, and welcome to the lobby of our little "Cantina" here. Feel free to mingle with the other patrons, whether stranger or grizzeled old "Trapie". Just don't go around verbally shooting first or hackin' the limbs off our NPC's; we're wanted in twelve systems. If you decide to join the guild and make this your spaceport of call, just talk to any local officer or leave us a message on the public comlink, and we'll get you a docking bay number. Hope you'll be joining us in this particular parsec.


Server: The Jekk'Jekk Tarr

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